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I am a total skeptic when it comes to youtube videos and internet rumors. I was listening to Coast to Coast tonight on the way home from my hockey game. A woman caller was telling George about the Slender Man. George had not heard about it and she went to describe this tall slender faceless man that is apparently snatching children. She also noted that people believe he is a shape shifter due to his incredibly long arms that reportedly can extend super-long at will (obvious to snatch fast running kids).

So I didn't think anything of it, then when I arrived home, my curious nature took over. I went on youtube and found several videos claiming Slender Man sightings.

By now you're probably thinking this is some sort of future movie promotion by a studio or well conceived prank.

Well, I decided to open up a discussion to those that want to dive into something a little different. One thing after watching a few of these videos - I am a little freaked out. Just a warning, this is some creepy footage - fake or not.

I stumbled across a "Slender Man" intro video. That is the first video in the player below. Use the arrows on the player to watch all the entries in order as they were released.

If this is a movie promotion, I applaud the execution and creepiness factor. If this is real - then... Well, you be the judge. There are 17 video entries so far - something tells me there will be more. I'll post when available.

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I'm up early and it's still dark out so, after reading your post, I think I'll wait until I'm not sitting alone with all the lights out...
I had seen these before...can't remember how I stumbled upon them. Idk what to think of them. I wanna say fake just because the order of things is too convenient.
hes fake.....he was made on a website called 4chan and then everyone took it to the next level making vedios to make it look real. but it was all made on the interweb =]
I'm leaning towards fake too, but if you watch the Intro it explains away the sequential video entries. I tapped a few resources to see if it is some kind of movie promotion. So far no one has even heard of the Slender Man. It will be interesting to see how this "story" plays out.
I found another video. It appears someone took snap shots from the video entries and created a video snap shot montage of most of the sightings. The videos are much better quality. Some of these shots require you to crank up the contrast to see it. I recommend watching the video entries for best quality though.

Here is a photo I found doing a google search for still shots.

Ya, I would be crossing the street at this point.

Forget crossing the street. Lol.. I would turn and RUN in the opposite direction.

Thanks for diggin this up, Tiffany.  :)  This was a fun discussion...

THis is an ARG called Marble Hornets, click here to read up on the entire game that is going on
fake, but very well put together. with all the sucess of paranomal why not? this stuff works and sells...

SLENDER man exposed!!


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