Text message invites to special advance movie screenings

If you have Codes for Gofobo post them here. Please make sure you state what city the codes are for.

This is not a thread for requesting codes. That belongs in the request threads.

Before posting everyone should read over the guide lines. It will help answer a lot of questions.
Click here to read the Guide Lines.

**Update 4/9/2013**

Hello, I had a discussion with another moderator of this group and we decided to add a little bit of regulation to this specific thread. We feel this is for the better and if you have any questions feel free to contact us through private messages.

1. When posting Gofobo RSVP codes please provide a link to the original site/blog/facebook/twitter that it came from. These codes are given to each of them to give out and they go through the trouble of providing them to you under the assumption that you are an active user or reader of their sites. It is unfair to them to take the codes and pass them to another community like this without linking and thanking them directly.

An option I like would be to provide a link directly to their page and not have the code here. That way they get the hits they deserve. I am not going to enforce this unless asked by the original sites owners. At that point I will. This might seem counter productive to txtmovieclub but as it is right now we are mainly a chat group here. Hopefully at some point txtmovieclub can start providing tickets for our locations directly.

2. If the Gofobo code you have came from a contest and was only given to people through email as part of that contest I ask that you please do not post it publicly. With nearly 550 members using this group now it makes it very unfair to the rest of the people that went through the effort of signing up for that contest.

3. If you are not going to use your Gofobo passes please release them or notify the person who you received them from so that someone else has a chance of seeing the movie. This is to help keep everyone's Gofobo accounts in good standing and allow for more people to see great movies.

We have a great group of people here, and we want to keep it going.

Thank you.

I've decided to put a list of sites, and social media accounts here for people to visit for Gofobo RSVP codes. These sites also provide tons of great articles and updates for locate areas. I figured these would be seen and used more here then in the Guide lines post. Feel free to contact me with other links so I can add them to this list.


http://www.txtmovieclub.com/group/floridafolks/forum <- Obvious right?

Social Networks. 


1. Paramount Florida - https://www.facebook.com/Paramount.FLA?fref=ts
2. Hudak on Hollywood - https://www.facebook.com/hudakonhollywood?fref=ts
3. 43KIX Orlando - https://www.facebook.com/43KIXOrlando?fref=ts
4. 43KIX Miami-Ft. Lauderdale - https://www.facebook.com/43KIXMiami?fref=ts
5. Gofobo Human - https://www.facebook.com/gofobohuman?fref=ts
6. 43KIX Jacksonville - https://www.facebook.com/43KIXJacksonville?fref=ts
7. 43KIX Tampa - https://www.facebook.com/43KIXTampa?fref=ts


1. gofobo - https://twitter.com/gofobo
2. Warner Bros Pictures - https://twitter.com/wbpictures
3. FLScreenings - https://twitter.com/FLScreenings
4. 43KIX Orlando - https://twitter.com/43KIXOrlando
5. 43KIX Miami - https://twitter.com/43KIXMiami
6. 43KIX Jacksonville - https://twitter.com/43KIXJax
7. 43KIX Tampa - https://twitter.com/43KIXTampa

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Come play!  Name That Movie! It'll be much more fun with more members contributing to this game.  Check out this discussion and check out the group.  Thanks, everyone!

I need your help, Florida!  Do me a favor.  HERE'S the favor and info. THANKS!!!

One more time...   If you haven't posted your opinion yet, please do HERE regarding this trailer.  The director and producers are watching for them.  Thank you so much.  You've always been so helpful to me and I really appreciate it.  Pass the message to as many people as you'd like, as well.  xoxo!!

Thank you!

Nope free parking in Winter Park.

I'm suprised they sent them out this soon. We are over a month away from the screening.

Thanks again though. It wanted to see this since I'm a huge gamer.

Done in here. I'll check the other threads later.

Come on out to the free, advance screening of SABOTAGE, taking place on Tuesday, March 25th at Regal Waterford Lakes at 7:30PM.




Godzilla Pre-Screening: Miami

Wednesday, May 14, 2014 from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM (EDT)

Miami, FL

Why is this not Orlando!!!!!!!!!!!

if i find orlando i will pm you :)

I sure hope it come to Orlando.....you guys get all the screenings down in Miami


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